This isn’t interesting to know that TV can also have the Android and IOS system. OnePlus TV is finally launching in next month. The upcoming device will be sold via Amazon in the country, which doesn’t come with a surprise since OnePlus has been selling its products through Amazon since it entered India.

India will be the first country where it will be made available. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau even wants to say that OnePlus TV will be good looking. We are still in the dark as nobody has shown the photo of OnePlus TV. But, Pete Lau couldn’t hold himself and had shared an official photo of the OnePlus TV.

As per the sources, in an interview Pete Lau shared that OnePlus is only bringing the 55-inch model to the Indian market first, thereby following the one-market-one-model strategy for the time being. There’s a rumor that one of the OnePlus TV models could come equipped with a 4K HDR panel on at least one of its variants. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that the company will “develop its image processing chipsets” so that their TV quality ‘sets the benchmark’ at Sony’s image quality.

There is a possibility that OnePlus TV might come with voice control and interaction, which means it could be equipped with microphones. However, Pete Lau previously expressed that privacy concerns over integrating cameras on the device’s TV. While with no image, the OnePlus Remote is said to work with Bluetooth 4.2. OnePlus TV could also act as a smart hub for other appliances, apart from other regular smart TV features.

Pete Lau said, “Because of the strategic partnership with Amazon, our price may be slightly cheaper than other competitive products, but it won’t be half the price”.

The expected price of OnePlus TV in India will start around Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 50,000.