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Game development event that aims to develop game on space travel and exploration within 48 hours was jointly organised by India and America at Florida, USA from 13 August to 16 August, 2015.

The event named “Indie Galactic Space Jam” was organised by Indian-origin Kunal Patel in partnership with Peter Smith on Thursday. The event is an attempt to allow pioneering minds, developers and engineers who have interest in space industry to join together and design a prototype of game based on space exploration that too with limited amount of time.

“Space travel and research and the things NASA and SpaceX and all these other space companies are doing, they take decades and they take billions of dollars, sometimes trillions of dollars, to do these kinds of things and we can do them here on earth for a whole lot less,” Patel was quoted as saying. He further added that there are lot of talented minds sitting idle and we just need to explore them and provide them with opportunities and they can do something for which big guns like NASA spends trillions of dollars.

All the participants are given equal opportunities for the event. All the aspirants have to choose a team of their own choice for the compatibility purposes so that they come out with maximum output in limited amount of time.

This is the 2nd time that Indie Galactic Space Jam event is being organised. Kunal said that this year the event is bigger as they are providing more resources to develop the game. Last time participants created 20 games ranging from very simple ones to complex games. This year, more number of games are expected.

The event is sponsored by Microsoft Space Florida, RedBull. Kennedy Space Center, Best Western, PHYKEN MEDIA, Chronosapien, etc.

Source: tecake