Daily Trends Editor

Music streaming service Saavn announced the launch of its application for Windows 10.

Mahesh Narayanan, Global Chief Operating Officer for Saavn, says that it has around 17 million monthly active users worldwide, and that the company expects this number to rise significantly with the Saavn app for Windows 10.

“Windows is still the leader on the desktop space, and we will now have a much larger audience,” says Narayanan. “And with Windows 10, we’re able to provide the exact same experience on the phone, the desktop, and the tablet – whatever device you have, you’ll get a consistent experience with just one app.”

Harish Vaidyanathan, Director – ISV Business, Microsoft Corporation of India showed us how the app has the same features on mobile as well as on the PC, by virtue of being a Windows universal app. He says that this reflects Microsoft’s new version of mobillity.

“When we think of mobility, we don’t think about devices, we think about experiences,” says Vaidyanathan. “So I’ve been listening to AC/DC on loop at home, and then I get into my car and the Saavn app there keeps playing the same song.”