Priya Chawla





Here’s how to get your phone to be new again to its best, inside and out.

Not only installing any Android or iOS updates as soon as they come down in the market (unless your phone is very old), the best way of keeping your phone clutter-free is uninstall all the apps that you’re not really using which will not only free up some precious storage space, it can also improve performance and efficiency, as your handset has fewer apps and processes to worry about.

Now is the time for a serious audit of what you do and what you don’t need on your phone: That smash hit game you that you played the previous year.That social chatting app all your friends have left? The good news is Android and iOS remember the apps you’ve paid for, so you can always install them again — just make sure you’re not deleting any important data along with the app.

For the ultimate in de-cluttering, you can wipe your phone back to its factory settings and start again from scratch—just make sure you’ve backed up everything important before you do so. You can find full instructions online from Apple and Google.