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Microsoft have acquired France-based company SyntaxTree, the company behind UnityVS.

Unity VS is a popular Visual Studio plugin for developers using the cross-platform Unity framework. This plugin are free to download on Microsoft download site. It provides useful tools and integration between the visual studio and unity console.

Previously this plug-in cost $99 for a personal license and $249 for a professional license, will soon be available for free on Microsoft’s download site.


About Unity
Unity is one of the most popular gaming engines in the world with over two million registered developers in its community and credits including titles such as the Assasins Creed series. It works across desktop and mobile devices as well as gaming consoles.

On his blog, S. Somasegar, Microsoft VP of its Developer Division said, “In today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world, Visual Studio provides a great development environment for game developers targeting the breadth of mobile devices, and connecting to the rich services platforms in Azure.”

He confirmed that the current version of UnityVS will be made available later this week, free of charge.