Daily Trends Editor

Currently SlideShare has 58+million monthly visitors and 130+ million monthly page views and this traffic make him the top 200 most visited websites in the world and due to high volumes of traffic its became key platform for marketing and advertising for variants industries domain as an eLearning tools.

  • URL for your presentation file are important for Search Engine Optimization and SlideShare generate automatically from your presentation title which is not editable or change, so presentation title should be SEO friendly
  • Give more focus on Infographics because infographics are more favorite and liked than presentations and documents.
  • Hyperlinks are clickable on inner slides which is important for SEO
  • You can also share audio in the form of Slidecaste in SlideShare (Upload an MP3 Audio track file and synchronize it to your slide presentation)
  • You can also display / link your presentation to your LinkedIn account
  • Your SlideShare Presentations easily embed into your web pages
  • SlideShare also support to share your Videos
  • You can easily share specifies slide from your SlideShare Presentation to place permalink to specifies slide, for example “/10” (Slide No) – From Presentation Slide No 10 will directly share on any channels
  • To get more benefit of SlideShare you can purchase SlideShare PRO version where you can collect Lead, detail analytic report for individual presentation and many more