Priya Chawla


It can be assumed that you all might have ever been around old computers with their big fat displays, you’re probably familiar with a subtle but obnoxious noise they make: a high-pitched whinny horses like?.

Research shows that Old computer screen utilize something called a fly-back transformer, which sends out waves colloquially known as saw tooth signals because of their up and down appearance when visualized in their pattern. On older screens, an electromagnet would bend the waves across the screen. That electron beam would scan across a screen 625 times, 25 times per second. The fly back transformer ramps up 15625 times a second, and the high-pitched sound is at the annoyingly high 15625 Hz.

The sound is negligible to be avoided enough if there’s something louder over it same as it’s also easy to miss as you get older, when your hearing starts to diminish. Fortunately with the advent of modern LCD and LED screens, that whine is a thing of the past. Or, at the very least, it’s a great reason to upgrade your tech. So switch your old monitors with latest LCD/LED technology and surf the computer sound-free.