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In some ways, Plotter is reminiscent of Stamped, an app recently acquired by Yahoo and subsequently shut down, which let users mark their favorite venues on a map. However, the map wasn’t the central feature of Stamped and users didn’t have the option to create and share multiple maps of recommendations like they do on Plotter.

Six Elements of Meditation


Meditation restores us in ways few other activities can. More than simply closing one’s eyes, meditation is actually a process of deep awakening and insight. Here are 6 elements of meditation practice you can adopt one day at a time: M – Mindfulness: awakening to the possibility of each moment E – Enlightenment: seeking knowledge, teaching knowledge D – Daily intention: one thought, one breath, one action at a time I – Inner balance: centering the deepest part of your spirit T – Tranquility: looking within to find the calm you need A – Acceptance: accepting all thoughts without judgment T – Trueness: authenticity in all aspects of our lives...

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