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What is Online Digitized health records?

Online Digitized health records means you can store all your health information electronically like your symptoms (Headache,Bacheache), vitals (heart rate & blood pressure), lab reports, doctor’s prescription etc. on one secure portal which you can access anywhere anytime.

What are the benefits of having Online Digitized health records?

These records are very securely stored and easily accessible on your mobile and laptops through apps or website anywhere at any time.

For Instance, you are a high blood pressure patient. You are on a trip during your vacation and you have not carried your medical file with you. And suddenly you have an emergency medical condition, you reached to nearby hospital but you don’t have your medical file to show to the doctor.

Now comes a role of digitized health record. If you have saved your health data in online health portal/mobile app, then you can share it with that doctor immediately and doctor can start your proper treatment within time.

As your health data is stored at one place on a portal, you need not to carry bulk of your medical files with you while your visit to your doctor.

You can share your health records online to any doctor.

Is there any such secure online health portal available in India?

Yes, You can get many such health portals available on google. But one of the most promising and extensive portal is www.konecthealth.com.

What is KonectHealth all about?

KonectHealth is mobile and web based health application for health conscious people for better management of their health.

KonectHealth platform is envisioned and co-founded by a group of medical professionals and IT experts. Improvement in health and well-being of individuals and communities is the core objective of this innovative platform. To attain this objective, KonectHealth gives access to health tracking tools and health & disease related information.