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From very early age i was interested in writing good things and thoughts. so, I am Here to share my Recipes and cooking tips and my Thoughts, ideas for lifestyle, business and technology. As these are my personal interest i am very happy and convinced to share my post to general people through Daily Techno Trends. I have completed My BCA and MSC ST from MS University, Baroda. " Learn as much by writing as by reading. "

Six Elements of Meditation


Meditation restores us in ways few other activities can. More than simply closing one’s eyes, meditation is actually a process of deep awakening and insight. Here are 6 elements of meditation practice you can adopt one day at a time: M – Mindfulness: awakening to the possibility of each moment E – Enlightenment: seeking knowledge, teaching knowledge D – Daily intention: one thought, one breath, one action at a time I – Inner balance: centering the deepest part of your spirit T – Tranquility: looking within to find the calm you need A – Acceptance: accepting all thoughts without judgment T – Trueness: authenticity in all aspects of our lives...

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