Priya Chawla


360 camerasThe less expensive cameras that make spherical images are outlook to a whole a new era in photography and changing the way people share stories on social platforms.

In last fall Hufkens, an ecological researcher at Harvard, devised a system to continuously broadcast images from a Massachusetts forest to a website called And because he used a camera that creates 360° pictures, visitors from all around the world can do more than just watch the feed. they can use their mouse cursor on a computer or finger on a smartphone or tablet to pan around the image in a circle or scroll up to view the forest canopy and down to see the ground. If they look at the image through a virtual-reality headset they can rotate the photo by moving their head, intensifying the illusion that they are in the woods.

Hufkens says the project will allow him to document how climate change is affecting leaf development in New England. The total cost? About $550, including $350 for the Ricoh Theta S camera that takes the photos.